Intro to GA4

Discover how to navigate extensive datasets and interpret genuine insights using the premier tracking tool, Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

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What you will learn

Foundations of GA4 & Web Analytics

Begin with a comprehensive introduction to the very basics of Web Analytics, setting the stage for your journey into the world of GA4. Delve into the background of GA4, understanding its underlying principles and the revolutionary event-based data model that distinguishes it. Grasp the structural framework that GA4 offers, ensuring a strong foundation for subsequent steps.

Setting Up and Navigating GA4

Transition from the theory to action as you walk through the essential steps to create, set up, and validate your GA4 account. Learn the importance of implementation verification with debugView, and familiarize yourself with the intuitive GA4 interface that lies at the heart of your analytics activities.

Data Management & Insights

Unlock the power of data with native and advanced ad reporting, and explore the diverse reports GA4 provides. Dive deep into crucial KPI locations and harness the tools for efficient data crunching. Go beyond surface-level analytics, extracting actionable insights through GA4's robust features, and integrate the power of Machine Learning with functionalities like the smart search bar and predictive metrics.

Practical Application & Challenges

Solidify your GA4 expertise with three hands-on challenges, designed to test and expand your skills. From data interpretation to real-world problem solving, these challenges offer the perfect culmination to your GA4 learning journey, preparing you for advanced analytical tasks ahead.

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