Intro to No-code

Learn the basics of No-Code, a user-friendly way to build apps and websites without needing to know any programming languages. A fast-growing trend making technology creation accessible to everyone.

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Introduction to No-Code: Fundamentals and Principles

Dive into the basics of no-code development, understanding its transformative approach and how it's reshaping digital creation across industries.

Webflow Mastery: Designing and Building Dynamic Websites

Get hands-on experience with Webflow, exploring its design-centric interface and tools for building visually appealing, interactive websites without writing code.

Airtable Insights: Data Management and Integration in No-Code Development

Learn to leverage Airtable's powerful database and spreadsheet capabilities for data management, while exploring its potential for integration in the no-code ecosystem.

Streamlining Processes with Zapier: Automating Tasks and Connecting Services

Discover how Zapier can automate your workflows by connecting disparate services, making your no-code projects more efficient and streamlined.

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Intro to No-code
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What is No Code?

No-code represents a transformative approach in tech, enabling the creation of apps without code or traditional development methods. Through visual development interfaces and pre-built modules, anyone can design a no-code app, hence introducing a new realm of No-Code Developers. People from diverse backgrounds, including business owners and those without tech backgrounds, can benefit from learning no-code. By removing the complexity of actual programming languages, no-code accelerates the development time and simplifies the learning process. Through platforms like Bubble, users can develop everything from a one-page website to a complex matching dating app or even a 3D game.

Who should have nocode skills?

Anyone who is interested in software development, including business professionals, designers, entrepreneurs, and even seasoned developers can benefit from acquiring no-code skills. Given the broad applications of no-code technology, it is applicable across various fields, including software engineering, security engineering, feature engineering, and even the creation of machine learning models and AI systems without having to grapple with advanced machine learning engineering. Even individuals with a basic understanding of probability or the ability to build linear regression models can leverage no-code tools to enhance their productivity and streamline tasks.

How can learn nocode benefit my tech career?

Acquiring no-code skills can significantly enhance your tech career, allowing you to rapidly prototype and build software applications, even complex databases.. It can also provide a broader understanding of software development processes without needing to delve into complex algorithm selection or understanding specific artificial intelligence algorithms. Whether you're considering online degrees, certificate programs, or even self-paced learning over 3-9 months, adding no-code to your skill set can amplify your versatility and value in the tech industry. Moreover, being proficient in no-code platforms can lead to career credentials that make you a more effective and valuable member of any tech team, enhancing your chances of career progression.

Is it really for free?

Absolutely! All the courses on this website are 100% free of charge. While you might need to pay for some of the tools featured in our free programming courses, most of them utilize free tools or offer free versions for you to explore.

How many classes are available?

We're continually adding new content, so you can expect a wide variety of courses! Stay tuned for regular updates.

I’m new to tech, will this be too hard for me?

No! Most of our courses are designed to be accessible even if you're new to tech. Our primary goal in offering these free courses is to help more people jumpstart their careers in tech. So, don't hesitate – dive in and give it a try!

How will I learn?

Our courses are organized into chapters, each featuring a lecture video created by one of our expert instructors. In these videos, they'll explain key concepts and demonstrate the process step by step. You'll also have access to the slides used in the videos. After watching the lecture, it's your turn to apply what you've learned! Tackle the challenges and create your own technical projects to solidify your understanding.

What is Le Wagon?

Le Wagon is a global leader in immersive tech training.
Our mission is to train people from all backgrounds in web development, data and no-code, give them the best learning experience of their life, and help them accelerate in their career.
We also help companies become more data-driven by leveraging their data and unlocking their employees’ potential through corporate training.
Founded in Paris in 2013, Le Wagon now has campuses in +40 cities across 25 countries, including global tech hubs such as Berlin, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, and Sao Paulo. Most importantly, Le Wagon is a community of 20,000+ graduates - from all walks of life, including many entrepreneurs (who created 200+ tech startups and raised $862M+ globally), career changers, and digital nomads.