Intro to Python

Learn the basics of Python 3, one of the most powerful, versatile, and in-demand programming languages today.

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What you will learn

Python Fundamentals

Discover the essentials of Python, one of the most versatile and widely-used programming languages. Learn about variables, data types, and basic operations to build a strong foundation for your coding journey.

Control Structures & Loops

Grasp the importance of control structures and loops in Python programming. Learn how to create and use conditional statements, while loops, and for loops to effectively manage your code's flow.

Functions & Modules

Dive into the world of Python functions and modules. Understand how to create, use, and import custom functions and modules to simplify your code, enhance reusability, and promote cleaner programming practices.

Real-World Applications

Get hands-on experience with Python through a series of practical exercises. Learn how to retrieve information with APIs and scrapping and to solve real-world problems.

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Course lessons

General intro
Setup your computer
Types of variables
Control flow
Handling a notebook
Exploring data from a CSV
Grouping rows
Boolean indexing
Plotting data
Your turn
Data sourcing with API
Data sourcing with scraping

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Intro to Python
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What is Python?

Python is a popular programming language known for its versatility and ease of use. It is widely used in various domains, including software development, data analysis, and machine learning. With its intuitive syntax and extensive standard library, Python offers a powerful and flexible programming experience. It supports object-oriented programming and provides features such as regular expressions and list comprehensions. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced programmer, Python is a valuable language to learn and master.

Who should have Python skills?

Python is suitable for a wide range of individuals. It is beneficial for machine learning engineers, software engineers, and experienced programmers who want to expand their skillset. Additionally, Python is an excellent choice for beginners who are new to programming. Whether you have previous programming experience or not, learning Python can open up various career opportunities in fields such as software development, data analysis, and automation.

Which topics are covered in this free python course?

In this free Python course, you will cover a range of topics, including the basics of programming, control flow, data structures, and working with libraries. You will learn about fundamental programming concepts and gain hands-on experience through interactive coding challenges. The course also introduces you to the standard library, which provides a wide range of tools and functionalities for different tasks. By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of Python programming and be able to tackle real-world programming projects.

What are the benefits of learning Python for my tech career?

Learning Python can greatly benefit your tech career in multiple ways. Python is a popular programming language used in various industries, making it a valuable skill to have. It is widely used in fields such as software development, data analysis, machine learning, and web development. By mastering Python, you can enhance your job prospects and access a wide range of career opportunities. Python's versatility and extensive libraries allow you to solve complex tasks and work on exciting projects. Moreover, Python's clean and readable syntax makes it a favourite among developers, contributing to its widespread adoption in the tech industry.

Is it really for free?

Absolutely! All the courses on this website are 100% free of charge. While you might need to pay for some of the tools featured in our free programming courses, most of them utilize free tools or offer free versions for you to explore.

How many classes are available?

We're continually adding new content, so you can expect a wide variety of courses! Stay tuned for regular updates.

I’m new to tech, will this be too hard for me?

No! Most of our courses are designed to be accessible even if you're new to tech. Our primary goal in offering these free courses is to help more people jumpstart their careers in tech. So, don't hesitate – dive in and give it a try!

How will I learn?

Our courses are organized into chapters, each featuring a lecture video created by one of our expert instructors. In these videos, they'll explain key concepts and demonstrate the process step by step. You'll also have access to the slides used in the videos. After watching the lecture, it's your turn to apply what you've learned! Tackle the challenges and create your own technical projects to solidify your understanding.

What is Le Wagon?

Le Wagon is a global leader in immersive tech training.
Our mission is to train people from all backgrounds in web development, data and no-code, give them the best learning experience of their life, and help them accelerate in their career.
We also help companies become more data-driven by leveraging their data and unlocking their employees’ potential through corporate training.
Founded in Paris in 2013, Le Wagon now has campuses in +40 cities across 25 countries, including global tech hubs such as Berlin, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, and Sao Paulo. Most importantly, Le Wagon is a community of 20,000+ graduates - from all walks of life, including many entrepreneurs (who created 200+ tech startups and raised $862M+ globally), career changers, and digital nomads.