Scrape the web with Python

Dive into the basics of web scraping and harness the power of Python to extract, process, and analyze data from the web.

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Python Web Scraping Fundamentals

Discover the essentials of Python for web scraping, one of the most versatile and widely-used techniques in data extraction. Learn about Python's capabilities, the BeautifulSoup library, and basic operations to build a strong foundation for your scraping journey.

Web Scraping Techniques

Grasp the importance of various scraping techniques in Python. Learn how to effectively extract and manage data from websites, enhancing the flow and effectiveness of your data retrieval process.

Building a Complete Scraper

Dive into the world of comprehensive web scraping with Python. Understand how to create, use, and optimize a complete scraper to streamline your data extraction, enhance reusability, and promote cleaner scraping practices.


Consolidate your knowledge with a recap of Python basics, a rundown of BeautifulSoup, and a complete scraper example. Review and practice your skills to solidify your understanding and proficiency in web scraping using Python.

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Scrape the web with Python
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What is web scraping?

Web scraping is a programming technique wherein a software extracts data from the web pages. This is achieved by writing lines of code that can fetch and parse the source code of a website, allowing the extraction of specific data from it. It involves finding elements in a webpage's static HTML content, such as the link elements, title element, child elements, sibling elements, and even clickable HTML elements. 

Who should have web scraping skills?

Those looking to harness the power of programming beyond basic programming applications should consider acquiring web scraping skills. It's especially useful for software developers who want to extract data for analysis, like real estate listings, software developer job listings, or matching job posts. Pre-requisites often include foundational programming skills in a specific programming language, like Python, and an understanding of web structures. An error message might pop up during the scraping process, and having the ability to decipher these can be instrumental. For intricate scraping projects, understanding elements such as the class card-content, list comprehension, or lambda function can be crucial. Those keen on projects like API Integration in Python or statistical programming can also benefit immensely from web scraping skills.

How can learning web scraping with python benefit my tech career?

First, data acquisition: Web scraping allows you to pull vast amounts of data from real-life job boards, websites, or any other online resource. This data, like a list of jobs from job boards, can then be processed to provide insights or feed into applications. Second, career opportunities: Many developer jobs today require web scraping skills, especially in areas like Applied Machine Learning where acquiring large datasets is paramount. By showcasing a certificate of completion from recognized courses, like those from Udemy Web Scraping, you become a preferred candidate for such roles. Third, continuous learning and application: Web scraping isn't just about extracting static site content. With websites becoming more dynamic, the challenges have moved towards scraping dynamically-generated content. Overcoming these challenges means constantly learning and updating your skills. Fourth, project diversity: From scraping a real estate portal to extracting software developer job listings from a job board, the applications are diverse. One could be working on a simple code snippet one day and a lengthy code response project the next. Fifth, affordable learning options: Numerous platforms offer courses on web scraping. Provider course fees vary, with some offering affordable options or even free downloadable resources. These courses can range from 1 - 4 weeks or more extended periods like 3-9 months. They provide a complete web scraping process walkthrough, from understanding the key elements like the anonymous function or exact strings to integrating the source code into real-world applications. In sum, web scraping is an essential skill for modern software developers. Whether you're looking to extract data from a modern browser or a slimmed-down browser version, understanding the basics to advanced techniques is crucial. And as your learning progress, from understanding a single element to mastering the submenu menu operations, you'll find this skill invaluable in your tech career.

Is it really for free?

Absolutely! All the courses on this website are 100% free of charge. While you might need to pay for some of the tools featured in our free programming courses, most of them utilize free tools or offer free versions for you to explore.

How many classes are available?

We're continually adding new content, so you can expect a wide variety of courses! Stay tuned for regular updates.

I’m new to tech, will this be too hard for me?

No! Most of our courses are designed to be accessible even if you're new to tech. Our primary goal in offering these free courses is to help more people jumpstart their careers in tech. So, don't hesitate – dive in and give it a try!

How will I learn?

Our courses are organized into chapters, each featuring a lecture video created by one of our expert instructors. In these videos, they'll explain key concepts and demonstrate the process step by step. You'll also have access to the slides used in the videos. After watching the lecture, it's your turn to apply what you've learned! Tackle the challenges and create your own technical projects to solidify your understanding.

What is Le Wagon?

Le Wagon is a global leader in immersive tech training.
Our mission is to train people from all backgrounds in web development, data and no-code, give them the best learning experience of their life, and help them accelerate in their career.
We also help companies become more data-driven by leveraging their data and unlocking their employees’ potential through corporate training.
Founded in Paris in 2013, Le Wagon now has campuses in +40 cities across 25 countries, including global tech hubs such as Berlin, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, and Sao Paulo. Most importantly, Le Wagon is a community of 20,000+ graduates - from all walks of life, including many entrepreneurs (who created 200+ tech startups and raised $862M+ globally), career changers, and digital nomads.